Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Genealogy Update for 8-9 Feb 2009

Judy added Added 120 gravestone images to our Photos of Oregon Collection at Oregon Genealogy.

She also updated the following pages in the Native American section of Access Genealogy:

I added the following surname book to our collection:

I also finished the Muskogee Tribe section of Early History of the Creek Indians and Their Neighbors

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Genealogy Update for 6-7 Feb 2009

Today I added the following mansuscript to our surname genelaogy:

I also added the following tribal pages:

  • The Kan-hatki Tribe
    The history of the Kan-hatki or Ikan-hatki ("White ground'') is parallel with that of the Fus-hatchee.
  • The Wiwohka Tribe
    According to tradition, Wiwohka was a made-up or "stray" town, formed of fugitives from other settlements, or those who found it pleasanter to live at some distance from the places of their birth.
  • The Kealedji Tribe
    According to native tradition this was a branch of Tukabahchee, but, if so, it must have separated at a very early date. Gatschet says that the name appears to refer to a warrior's headdress, containing the words ika, his head, and a verb meaning to kill (iłäidshäs, I kill) .

Judy added the following:

She also updated the following pages:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Genealogy Update for 1-3 Feb 2009

These past few days we updated a few manuscripts in our surname collection:

  • Genealogy of Matthew Woodruff of Farmington Connecticut
    Woodruff Genealogy; Matthew Woodruff of Farmington, Conn., 1640-1, and Ten Generations of His Descendants, Together with Genealogies of Families Connected Through Marriage. By Frederick Orr Woodruff (1856-) ed., George Norbury Mackenzie (1851-1919), and George Sawin Stewart (1870-1922). Publ. Boston, MA: The Everett Print, 1925.
  • Descendants of Edmund Weston
    The Descendants Of Edmund Weston Of Duxbury, Massachusetts, For Five Generations, By Thomas Weston, Jr. Esq A.M. Published Boston: George E. Littlefield. 1887. Reprinted from the N. E. HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER for July, 1887.
  • Genealogy of the Switzers
    Genealogy of the Switzers, Descendants of Valentine Switzer Immigrant to America, Oct. 13, 1749.
  • The ABC Family Chronicles
    Some Descendants of Stoneburner, Spracklin, Austin and Broyles Lines

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Genealogy Update for 30-31 January 2009

The following pages were updated over the weekend at Access Genealogy: