Sunday, February 8, 2009

Genealogy Update for 6-7 Feb 2009

Today I added the following mansuscript to our surname genelaogy:

I also added the following tribal pages:

  • The Kan-hatki Tribe
    The history of the Kan-hatki or Ikan-hatki ("White ground'') is parallel with that of the Fus-hatchee.
  • The Wiwohka Tribe
    According to tradition, Wiwohka was a made-up or "stray" town, formed of fugitives from other settlements, or those who found it pleasanter to live at some distance from the places of their birth.
  • The Kealedji Tribe
    According to native tradition this was a branch of Tukabahchee, but, if so, it must have separated at a very early date. Gatschet says that the name appears to refer to a warrior's headdress, containing the words ika, his head, and a verb meaning to kill (iłäidshäs, I kill) .

Judy added the following:

She also updated the following pages:

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