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List of Soldiers and Officers from Brant, New York in 1865

The town of Brant is situated in the extreme southwest corner of Erie county, New York. It is bounded on the west by Lake Erie, on the north by Evans, on the east by North Collins, on the south by Chautauqua county and by that part of the Cattaraugus reservation attached to the town of Collins. Its extreme length east and west is nearly ten miles; its width is about three and seven-eighths miles, except at the western end, where the boundaries are very irregular on account of the windings of Cattaraugus creek and the lake shore.

When the Cattaraugus reservation was set apart to the Indians it extended to the north line of the tract now known as the Mile Strip. The whole territory of Brant was first a part of the town of Batavia (Genesee county) then of the town of Erie (Genesee county; and then of Willink (Niagara county). When Willink was subdivided in 1812, that part of the territory of Brant then included in the reservation was attached to the town of Concord, while the remainder became a part of Eden. It was during the jurisdiction of Eden that settlement began.

In March, 1821, the town of Evans was formed from Eden, including that part of the territory of Brant north of the original north line of the reservation. In 1826, as stated in the general history, the association known as the Ogden Company purchased from the Indians a tract of land taken from the north side of the reservation, a mile wide and six miles long, extending west from the east end of the reservation; also a tract a mile square, lying south of the east end of the former piece. The first named tract has since been known as the Mile Strip and the other as the Mile Block. The Mile Strip was divided into thirty-eight lots, in two tiers; The northern tier being numbered from east to west, including lots one to nineteen, and the southern tier being numbered back from twenty to thirty-eight. The Mile Block was also divided into lots, and both tracts were offered for sale. A road was laid out running in a perfectly straight line through the Mile Strip, between the two tiers of lots, and the land being of excellent quality it was speedily disposed of. The two tracts mentioned had, with the rest of the Cattaraugus reservation, been a part of Collins since the separation of that town from Concord, but when they were purchased by the Ogden Company they were annexed to Evans by the Legislature.

The manuscript posted at Access Genealogy is broken into three sections. The first section references soldiers from Brandt and includes their birth, enlistment date, the battles they fought, parents name, and other various information that may shed light on the soldier. The second part appears to be a list of soldiers as extracted from the Buffalo Times. The final section includes a list of names of all soldiers who served in the Revolution to the Civil War and were buried in Bryant Cemetery.

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