Monday, January 12, 2009

Genealogy Update for 11 January 2009

Today, Judy took the day off. Though she wouldn't say that. :-)

Actually, she was working on an online volunteer project she's heading up for USGenWeb:

I also worked on a website other then Access Genealogy, by adding some pages to our Mississippi Genealogy website:

  • American Domain
    One of the most difficult questions facing the early Congress was the fact that it was doubtful under the articles of confederation whether the United States congress had a right to treat regarding Indian boundaries in the wilderness claimed by any one of the states. That state, in particular, was Georgia. Georgia laid sovereign claim over all lands west to the Mississippi River, irregardless of which Indian tribe may be occupying that land at the time.
  • Early Agricultural Organizations of Mississippi
    Agriculture Orgnizations have been around for some time in Mississippi. This page outlines a history of some of the earliest organization in Mississippi.
  • History of Agriculture in Mississippi
    Agriculture itself, has been the bedrock of commerce for Mississippi since it was first settled by caucasians. Even the early Indian tribes farmed the Mississippi delta, albeit on a much smaller scale. This manuscript provides the early history of agriculture in Mississippi.
  • 1541 Battle of Alabamo
    An early battle in Mississippi fought between the Spanish and Native Americans. A brief history of this battle can be found on this page.

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