Thursday, January 22, 2009

Genealogy Update for 20-21 January 2009

Over the past two days, the following pages were updated at Access Genealogy:
  • Notes on the Caddo
    A premier resource for the Caddo tribal history, this manuscript is a memoir written by Elsie C. Parsons. Interviewing several Caddo tribal members, including Silver Moon, Parsons provides one of the most accurate tribal histories published.
  • Cherokee Cessions
    Proposals Made by certain Cherokee Indians, for the Cession of their Lands to the United States.
  • Biographies of the Cherokee Indians
    These biographies, each averaging a paragraph or more, are noteworthy for their focus on the genealogical events of birth, marriage, and death over a period of several generations, naming thousands of related individuals in a classic roll-call of family members.

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