Thursday, January 15, 2009

Genealogy Update for 14 January 2009

My theme today was the Mohawk Tribe. I added the following book:

  • Monuments To Six Nation Indians
    One early dawn of the Moon of New Grass a group of young Awkesasne warriors started on a tour through the eastern country, their destination, every known marker or important monument erected to Six Nation Indians. The young Mohawks did not travel on foot as did their ancient forefathers. They traveled by car upon hard paved highways, that traced the well worn paths of the old Iroquois. Follow their path through the old Six Nations territory.

I also have been working on an original page that details the known Mohawk Villages:

Judy updated the following manuscript:

  • Wrangell's Trip through the Russian River Valley
    In the summer of 1830, Ferdinand P. Von Wrangell made a long and difficult journey across Siberia accompanied by his wife and infant daughter, to cross the North Pacific to New Archangel (Sitka). This was Von Wrangell's third visit to Russian-America. In 1836 he returned to Russia by way of Mexico. He tried unsuccessfully to negotiate and enlargement of Russian possessions in California. He visited the tribes of Northern California during this trip.

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