Friday, January 16, 2009

Genealogy Update for 15 January 2009

We updated the following page yesterday at Access Genealogy:

  • Indian Tribal Histories Macapiras-Munsee
    This page provides an overview of the information available on AccessGenealogy for any tribe that alphabetically falls between the Macapiras Tribe and Munsee Tribe (any tribe that starts with a M).

The following book was added to the Native American section of Access Genealogy:

  • Iroquois General Ethnology of Western New York
    This is an incredible resource for the Iroquois Tribe that Judy has been working on lately. You will find information on the following in its pages:

    Historical and Ethnological Minutes
    A Sketch of the Iroquois Groups of Aboriginal Tribes
    Ethnological Suggestions
    Indian Cosmogony
    Gleams of their General Ancient History
    Origin and History of the Iroquois, as a Distinct People.
    Origin and History of the Oneidas
    Onondagas Indians
    Cayuga Indians
    History and Origin of the Senecas
    Tuscaroras Indians
    Necariage Indians
    St. Regis Colony, or Band
    Epoch And Principles Of The Iroquois League
    Era of Confederation
    Principles of the Iroquois Government
    Ancient Worship
    Wife s Right to Property
    Vestiges of an Ancient Fort or Place of Defense in Lenox, Madison County
    Ancient site of the Onondagas in the valley of the Kasonda, or Butternut creek of Jamesville.
    Antiquities of Pompey and Adjacent Parts of Onondaga County.
    Ancient Fortification of Osco at Auburn, Cayuga County
    Vestiges of an Ancient Elliptical Work at Canandaigua
    Ancient entrenchments on Fort Hill, near Le Roy, Genesee County
    Antique rock citadel of Kienuka, in Lewiston, Niagara County
    Circular Fort at Deoseowa, Erie County
    Ancient Work On Buffalo Creek
    Ancient State of Indian Art.
    Relics Of Aboriginal Art In Western New York
    American Antiquities
    Oral Traditions Of The Iroquois Historical And Symbolical
    Ancient Shipwreck of a vessel from the old world on the coast
    Forays into the Country of the Cherokees and Catawbas
    Exploit of Hi-a-de-o-ni
    Embassy of Peace to the Cherokees, and Daring Feat of a Seneca
    The Graveyard Serpent and Corn Giant
    Allusion to the Siege of Fort Stanwix and the Battle of Oriskany
    Defeat of the Kah-Kwahs on Buffalo Creek
    Era of the Confederation
    Traditions of their Wars with Monsters, Giants and Supernatural Phenomena.
    Topical Inquiries
    Who were the Eries?
    Building of the First Vessel on the Upper Lakes
    War with the Kah Kwahs
    Miscellaneous Traits
    Infant Atotarho of the Onondaga
    Red Jacket and the Wyandot Claim to Supremacy
    Anecdote of Brant
    The County Clerk and the wolf-scalp
    Moral and Social Condition and Prospects
    Abstract of Census Returns
    Deaf And Dumb, Idiots, Lunatics And Blind
    Extracts from a Rough Diary of Notes by the way.
    Extracts from a Rough Diary of Notes by the way.
    Letter from J. V. H. Clark to Henry R. Schoolcraft
    Letter from Mr. Cusick to Henry R. Schoolcraft
    Letter from S. A. Goodwin to Henry R. Schoolcraft
    Letter from Frederick Follet to Henry R. Schoolcraft
    Letter from C. Dewey to Henry R. Schoolcraft
    Letter from Rev. Gilbert Rockwood to Henry R Schoolcraft
    Vocabulary of the Tuscarora
    Letter from Rev. Asher Bliss to Henry R. Schoolcraft
    Letter from Rv. William Hall to Henry R. Schoolcraft
    Letter from Rev. Wm. McMurray to H. R. Schoolcraft
    Mohawk Vocabulary
    Cayuga Vocabulary
    Letter from Mr. Richard U. Shearman to Henry R. Schoolcraft.
    Oneida Vocabulary
    Letter from Mr. D. E. Walker to Henry R, Schoolcraft
    Letter from H, C. Van Schaack, Esq. to Henry R. Schoolcraft
    Letter from L. T. Morgan, Esq., to H, R. Schoolcraft

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